Star Wars Han Solo Droid Caller - A New Hope ANH DROID CALLER Screen Accurate Life Size 1:1 Uniform Belt Accessory Prop. Han Solo Belt


Shipping to United States: $8.50

Updated - Screen accurate bottom Camera Screw (Flat bottom Disc End Piece) is now included!

Please Note: We are now offering the Most Screen Accurate Han Solo ANH Belt Greebles Accessory Kit ever offered for Sale! We are very excited about this item. Please take a look at the Listing for more details. This is a great compliment for this Screen Accurate Droid Caller!

Offered for sale is a Screen Accurate unfinished Droid Caller Kit. This is the same Droid Caller worn on Han Solo's Belt in A New Hope (ANH).

Every step was taken to ensure this Droid Caller is Movie Accurate:

- (New Part!) Screen accurate bottom Camera Screw (Flat bottom Disc End Piece) is now included! This is the Kobold replica Camera Screw Flat Disc that is seen on the bottom of the Han Solo ANH Droid Caller! (End piece) See listing pictures for details. This makes this Caller the most Accurate Caller on the Market! This piece comes in either off white or black color, depending on our stock at the time of your order.

-Same dimensions as the original Kobold Droid Caller worn by Han Solo.

-Weighted to give the caller a realistic feeling.

-Manufactured using High Quality Black Resin. The "Black" Color is "baked" into the Droid Caller. There is no need to paint the caller black, like other props offered, which will rub off and ruin your outfit!

-Each removable part was created separately to ensure Extreme Detail!

-Caller has the Screen Accurate "Textured Base!" ...this is something you will not get on a 3D printed Caller

-Has the Kolbold emblem! ...just like the original!

- Best of all...this Replica is NOT 3D printing....there are no "Print Lines" on this replica!

Droid Kit comes with all pieces shown, including:
-The main Droid Caller
-The front top screw
-The side bulb
-The Flash Mount Bracket and 2 screws heads
-The Flat Camera Screw Disc for the bottom of the Caller (End Piece)

Please Note: Your Han Solo ANH Belt should have a C-Clip on it to receive a Droid Caller. If you have not Purchased a Belt yet, Please insure it is included with the Belt. ALL quality built Belts should have this. We do not include the C-Clip with our Caller. It is (should) be already on the Belt. If you have not purchased a Belt yet, We highly recommend the Todd's Costumes Belt. It is the most Screen accurate belt available.

This is an AWESOME and Accurate Star Wars Kit that is a "must have" for the star wars collector. It is the most Screen Accurate Kit offered on the Market.

Please Note: This is a "Kit". Assembly is Required. Painting (silver parts) and Gluing (small parts) are required. Silver Paint and super glue not Included. Even though the Caller is very easy to assemble, we do have instructions should you need them. We do not send the instructions with the Caller in an effort to " save the Environment..." and also, help keep costs low so that we can continue to provide this awesome Caller at a reasonable cost. The Instructions are hosted on our Main Star Wars Site and the Link to the Instructions will be Provided in the Package that is shipped to you. Thank You!

NOTE: Looking for the Han Solo ESB/Return of the Jedi Smooth Base Droid Caller? We Carry that version too! Please see my other Droid Caller listing for Details!

History of the Caller:

The caller, also referred to as a droid caller, control box, or owner, was a handheld transmitter device that was used to summon a droid or activate its restraining bolt.

Callers were designed with three basic commands:

"COME" called a droid forward
"STOP" forced it to halt
"ORDERS" caused it to enact any commands, within the droid's operating parameters, given verbally.

The Jawas of Tatooine often used callers to control their droids before selling them on. Luke Skywalker and Han Solo both carried callers. Luke used his caller to bring C-3PO out of hiding after R2-D2 departed to find Obi-Wan Kenobi.

"This control box will pop you out into the open!"
―Luke Skywalker

Make your Han Solo/Jawa outfit ACCURATE! Get one Today!

As with all our Props, we Price them Fairly and Ensure High Quality in every item we produce. We Ship Safely, Securely and FAST! You will not be disappointed!

The First picture in our Gallery shows a "finished" product, with silver painted parts. This is for Reference only. This Listing is for an unfinished product, shown in the 2nd and 3rd pictures as the all black Droid Caller and all Black separate parts. Assembly is Required. Silver Paint and Super Glue not included. Thank You!


If you are not happy with your Purchase, please return it within 7 days of purchase for a Refund. Original and return shipping is not included in refund. Items must be returned in their original state. Thank you!

After being so impressed by their comlink, I knew I needed to get my hands on one of the shop's Droid Caller kits. Really easy to put together with the online instructions, even for a moof-milker like me with not much prop kit experience. A little E-6000 and some paint detailing, and now my Smuggler has his own unique, custom Droid Caller to add to his kit. Really fast shipping, awesome product. Any Han cosplayer would be lucky to have such a gorgeous replica on their belt.

amazing quality. fast shipping. clear instructions and wonderful products!

Very cool. Is as described - yes it's very accurate. Some assembly required. Arrived fast.

Really quick service, a nice letter about the history of the droid caller, and a very well made product, highly recommend!

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