Star Wars Receiver Tube 38.1mm for Stormtrooper Blaster E11/DH17 Blaster Build. -PVC 18+ inches in length


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We now stock the IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND Stormtrooper Blaster Receiver Tube - in PVC Plastic - in the Correct Length--18+ inches long!!!

Join our Quest.....

We are on a Quest to make the most accurate Stormtrooper E11 Blaster Build on the Planet! We have hunted down all the Screen Accurate pieces needed to do this and now ....the build begins!! As we make our Blaster, we will be offering the pieces to our Loyal Etsy Customers...."Let's build it together!"

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This first piece we are offering is the first and most crucial, hardest to find, piece of the puzzle....A correctly sized Receiver Tube...that mimics the dimensions (length and OD) of the original - 38.1mm O.D. And 18+ inches in Length!

In our personal quest to make the ultimate ANH Stormtrooper E11 Blaster, we were able to contract with a highly reputable PVC tubing Company to produce the most accurate replica Tubing ever offered in the U.S.

Measurements of the tubing are as follows:
Inner Dimensions: 1 3/8 inches
Outer Dimensions: 1 1/2 inches (38.1mm)
Length: approximately 18.25 inches (rough cut on one end)

Pipe/Housing is made of Strong, but light weight, PVC.

Pipe is rough cut on one end. Smooth and straight on the other. Pipe length is approximately 18.25 inches. One side of the pipe will need to be cut "Straight and True". It was rough cut at the factory.

Why is this the BEST tubing for your Stormtrooper Blaster?

-Measurements are perfect. ID, OD and Length are perfect.

-This is an EXTREMELY Rare, nearly impossible tube to find in the durable PVC Material in the correct Length!

-Light Weight And Strong!!!

-It is easy to drill and shape, unlike the thick metal or aluminum tubing which requires an appropriate Drill Press and bits.

Don't miss this opportunity! Please, join our Team on our Quest on building the most accurate Stormtrooper Blaster on the Planet!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: The Stormtrooper Blaster Bolt shown in the last 2 pictures is not included in sale. These pictures are to show the nice fit of the bolt into the tube. We will be replicating this in the future...Blaster shown in the first picture is not included...

Next piece...the IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND...End Cap Receiver Ring....Stay tuned!


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Exactly what I needed! Thank you!

I know it's just a tube, but it is the right size, inexpensive, and comes with the SWCShop superior customer support. Oh- and a template for the holes- can't forget that!

Bought other items from before. Thanks

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