NEW! Star Wars Stormtrooper "1 1/2 Wave" L2A3 Stormtrooper E11 Blaster Hollow Magazine Clip Replica

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This listing is for the impossible to find- "1 1/2 Wave" Sterling L2A3 Plastic "Hollow" Magazine Clip Complete Kit.....Already "Cut to Size!" for the Stormtrooper E11 Blaster.

This is a Black, all plastic, Hollow replica kit! (...An Exact Copy of the Real Parts, not 3D Printed!)

Please Note: If you are building a Stormtrooper E11 Blaster, this is a must have Kit. We are the only company in the world offering this Complete Kit in Jet Black Plastic for your Stormtrooper Blaster Build!

Highlights of this Kit:

• it's "Hollow"! We are the only Company in the world producing this Hollow, exactly like the Original! Great for stuffing electronics into!
• It is Already "Cut to Size" to "1 1/2 Waves" to make a Accurate Stormtrooper Blaster!
• Fits perfectly into a real Sterling Magazine Housing OR our Replica Magazine Housing!
• Hollow = Light Weight! It's NOT a Solid Brick of Resin!
• Using the Clip as we produced it with an Accurate Sterling Magazine Housing will completely Enhance the appearance of your Blaster!
• Produced in Jet Black! No need to paint. Color will not fade or chip!

Please Note: There are different Magazine Styles for the different styles of Blasters used in the ANH movie. This Magazine is the 1 1/2 Wave style Magazine. We also have the "Shape A - Leia's Escort", "Shape B - Detention Block", and "Shape C1 - Han's Charge" Blaster Styles. Please see my other listings. 

Follow me on my journey on my new site: The Stormtrooper Blaster Project (

Join our Quest.....

We are on a Quest to make the most accurate Stormtrooper E11 Blaster Build on the Planet! We have hunted down all the Screen Accurate pieces needed to do this and now ....the build begins!! As we make our Blaster, we will be offering the pieces to our Loyal Customers...."Let's build it together!"

This Listing is for an IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND "Cut to Correct Blaster Length" Sterling Magazine Clip Plastic Replica Kit! We went to great efforts to reproduce it exactly as it was on the Sterling. We are the first to offer this, extremely difficult to find, Kit. 

Magazine Clip fits perfectly in an original Sterling Magazine Housing or Our Replica Housing Kit!

Kit Pieces are made of light weight black Plastic.

Kit comes in 2-pieces. End piece of the Clip will need to be glued to the clip.

This is Not a 3D printed Kit. 3D printed parts are not an exact replica. Our replica parts are from real "used" guns and reflect the wear and tear of a "War-Used" gun...slight scratches, slight dings, blemishes, other words, our parts look "real"....

Don't miss this opportunity! Please, join our Team on our Quest on building the most accurate ANH Stormtrooper Blaster on the Planet!!!!

Extremely Important - PLEASE NOTE: Items in the last Picture of the Listing, except for the Magazine Clip are Not included and are for reference only.

Please see our other listings for accurate 38.1mm tubes and other Sterling pieces.

My Goal, as with all my Props, is to offer Extremely Accurate Star Wars Props at a very Reasonable Cost to you. The Star Wars Community Rocks and I hope you follow me on this Journey! 


If you are not happy with your Purchase, please return it within 7 days of purchase for a Refund. Original and return shipping is not included in refund. Items must be returned in their original state. Thank you!

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