Japanese Type 91 Grenade Plastic Replica Safety Cover.

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Was commissioned by a Military Museum to make Accurate "Plastic" Replicas of the Japanese Type 91, 91T and 97 Grenades.

Most challenging part of this Project so far has been creating the "usually missing", impossible to find, Safety Cover. The challenge for this piece is the fact that the piece is extremely thin and fragile. It also is responsible for holding in (applying slight pressure on...) the Firing Pin Assembly, so it needed to be strong enough to handle the pressure exerted on it.

After an extensive search and much trial and error, I found the perfect material. Material is plastic, can be used to create very thin pieces and also is strong enough to address the pressure of the Firing Pin pushing up on it due to the Creep Spring.

For those of you that make Replicas, you can hopefully appreciate this challenge.

I am offering this one piece for sale, separately, due to the fact that most of the "Real" Japanese Grenades that become available are missing the Safety Cover, Firing Pin Assembly and Safety Pin. The Safety Cover, along with the Safety Pin really complete the Japanese Type 91 Grenade. This piece, painted copper color and slightly weathered, will really enhance any Displayed Japanese Grenade.

Please note: This listing is for the Safety Cover only. I show pictures of the Safety Cover on a Type 91 and Type 91 Transition Grenade, as a reference. The Grenades are not included.

Safety Cover is made of Plastic and Is meant for display purposes only. The original Safety Cover is Paper Thin. Since this is a Replica of the original, it too is paper thin. It is Plastic and can break if mishandled. It should be placed on the Grenade as soon as possible after received. Once on the Grenade, it will last a lifetime (...or two).

Safety Cover has been created (and will be sent to you) in black plastic and will need to be painted. Copper color recommended.

As with all Replicas, this piece has dings, dents, scratches and is slightly malformed. In other words, it's a TRUE Replica of the original :-).

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Thanks again for everyone's support! I will continue to bring "Real" Replicas at a fair price!



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